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Play ARK: Survival Evolved for free this weekend

Play ARK: Survival Evolved for free this weekend

To celebrate the launch of its latest expansion, ARK: Survival Evolved is open to all players for a few days. You can play the game for free on Steam throughout the whole weekend. Opposite to Epic Games, Steam rarely gives away full games for free, but this is still a good opportunity to give a try to the survival action-adventure from Studio Wildcard without having to pay for it. If you like the game you can always use our comparator to find the best prices to buy it anytime.



ARK: Survival Evolved offers players a huge open world to explore. As in other survival games, you will start naked and you will have to gather resources and craft everything you need to survive in a world that is full of dinosaurs and dangerous creatures. At the beginning of your adventure, you will need to build a refuge where you can shelter from enemies and the weather, but you will be able to expand it and create a whole settlement later on. You will share a persistent world with many other players, and your relationship with them depends on you. You can engage them in combat or join other people to form a guild that cooperates for a common objective. ARK: Survival Evolved gives you total freedom to develop your character and do whatever you want in the game. There are plenty of enemies to fight, dinosaurs to tame, and weapons to craft in the game. You just have to maintain yourself alive to experience all that the world of ARK: Survival Evolved has to offer.



ARK: Survival Evolved has a few expansions already, and excluding Genesis, which has just been released, the players that take part in the free weekend will have access to all the content included in Extinction, Aberration, and Scorched Earth for free too. To play ARK: Survival Evolved for free this weekend all you have to do is visiting the page of the game on Steam and installing it.

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