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    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an action role-playing game that follows the story of Son Goku, the world-famous protagonist of the anime series created by Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball. The game focuses on the Dragon Ball Z arc of the story, and it will allow you to experience the epic adventures of an adult Goku. You will experience everything in the Saiyan, Cell, and Majin Buu arcs, including the most epic moments in the series like the fight against Frieza to save planet Namek or the epic combat against Cell in the martial arts tournament that will decide the destiny of the world.

    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot features intense combats that will pit you against many of the most powerful and deadly enemies in the universe, but it also has a heavy focus on role-playing mechanics, allowing you to explore many different scenarios and taking on multitude quests and side missions. As you complete those you will progress through the story and become more powerful. The game also features different off-combat mechanics and mini-games; you will be able to fish, fly, eat and train while you make friends and build relationships with a massive cast of Dragon Ball characters. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot also includes a new character designed by Akira Toriyama that will appear during one of the side quests in Namek; Bonyu a former member of the Ginyu Force.

    Regarding combat, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot features a detailed combat system that will remind you of Dragon Ball FighterZ, where executing deadly combos and special energy attacks will be the key to victory. Fighting epic boss battles through vast battlefields full of destructible environments you will feel like being inside the anime series.

    If you are a fan of Dragon Ball and you want a bit more than your usual fighting game based on the series, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is your best choice to experience an authentic Dragon Ball adventure.

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    Comments on Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

    Dec 4, 2021, 12:21 AMon
    Y'a tout l'univers de DBZ, c'est juste un bonheur ce jeu !
    There is the whole universe of DBZ, it's just a happiness this game !

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