Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's first DLC is already available

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's first DLC is already available

The announcement of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was enough to make it one of the most anticipated video games based on the manga series creted by Akira Toriyama. Playing a Dragon Ball game with RPG elements and a world to explore had was something that the fans had been dreaming for quite a long time and when Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was released it delivered the experience that all players were waiting for. The game allows you to meet the most popular characters in the manga series as you follow the story of Goku through the main arcs in Dragon Ball Z, but it's more than a succession of combats, which is pretty much what we had seen in previous games in the Dragon Ball franchise.



Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot expands its contents today with the release of its first DLC, A New Power Awakens – Part 1, which will allow players to fight against one of the most formidable enemies in the whole series. The god Beeru has a certain tendency to get bored easily, so when he finds an opportunity to do something that will entertain him he doesn't miss it. Goku and Vegeta have become quite strong and Beeru sees in them a new way of having fun, if only for a little while. The heroes show enough potential to fight against the god, but before that they will have to train very hard to become a challenge to the almighty Beeru. Whis is willing to help his master and he will train Goku and Vegeta untill they can transform into their Super Saiyan God forms. Awakening that new power, they may have a chance of defeating the level 250 god, something that will be quite challenging even for the most skilled players.



A New Power Awakens – Part 1 is included in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Season Pass, and you only can have access to the DLC if you own the pass. At least until the next DLC is released. After that you will also be able to purchase the first DLC separately. As usual, you can find the best prices to buy all Dragon Ball games on our comparator.


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