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    In Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts , you are a mercenary; an assassin hired to eliminate selected targets through the world. As a hitman, you are free to use any methods you deem suitable to get rid of your targets, but you are the best sniper out there, and putting a bullet through a vital spot has never failed so far. Gathering information and laying out what you think will be the best plan to achieve your objective is up to you, but remember that most of your targets will be heavily guarded, and they can also hire other snipers to get rid of people like you.

    Sniper Ghost Warrior Contractsis the ultimate sniping experience. It offers you a multitude of contracts to eliminate targets, with challenging objectives and secondary targets that will yield a hefty sum as a bonus payment if you complete them. There are multiple ways of fulfilling your contracts, and as you finish them, you will gain money to upgrade your equipment and buy different tools that will allow you to take on harder missions. From an AR mask that lets you scan your surroundings for useful information to remote-controlled sniper turrets, drones, or gas grenades, there are plenty of gadgets that you can use imaginatively to accomplish your mission and shoot your targets down. So,

    The progression in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is very different from the one in previous games of the series. It's not linear anymore, and you will be granted quite a bit of freedom about when and how you are engaging your targets. That creates an entirely different gameplay experience that makes this game more similar to a sandbox game.

    The open-ended missions in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts allow for great replayability. Also, the all-new Dynamic Reticle System offers the most realistic and intense sniping in an experience that encourages strategic thinking and that will take you through the harsh terrain of Siberia to get rid of your targets.


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