Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts takes sniping to a new level

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts takes sniping to a new level

We are used to seeing sniper rifles in shooting games. They are the most common weapon used by players to kill targets from a distance. Their accuracy and power are unmatched and allow you to take down targets with a single shot from a safe distance. But the reality of all this is that in most cases, what you experience in most games has absolutely nothing to do with the real experience of shooting a sniper rifle. Most games ignore the considerable amount of variables that can influence a shot. Elements like bullet drop or the wind are crucial things to consider when you want to land a shot from far away. Fortunately enough, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is a game focused on sniping with gameplay mechanics that reflect all those elements, allowing you to experience an authentic sandbox sniping experience. So if you are expecting a game where you can just aim and shoot down your target without any concern, this definitely isn't a game for you.

In Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, you are a sniper hired to assassinate a list of objectives in Syberia. You have five different regions to explore and where you have to plan your actions very carefully to be able to locate and take down 25 different targets. Your motivation is simple: money. You are a hired gun, and you are paid to get rid of them. It's not that you are forced to use your sniper rifle to get rid of these people. You can sneak your way through heavily guarded enemy outposts and get close and personal with your targets, but sniping is an obvious choice in your mission, even though that doesn't mean that it's going to be easy.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts offers you an approach to sniping that tries to reproduce all the difficulty, tension, and excitement of taking down your target with a sniper rifle, mixing it with a heavy focus on stealth mechanics to create a realistic gameplay experience.

The release of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is scheduled for November 22, and you can find the best prices to buy it in our comparator.

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