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    Children of Mortais coming this summer!

    The game’s tag line is ‘It runs in the family,’ and it seems like so. The Bergson family have been the keepers and protectors of Mount Morta for generations. They are the guardians of the mystical mountain as well as the land surrounding it. However, they’re now facing the most dangerous of the trials as one family. Corruption is threatening to turn the mountain they protect into a monster-filled nightmare.

    Become part of the journey of a family of heroes and save Mount Morta from corruption, fighting to protect the land and people you love. Explore dangerous dungeons full of dark creatures and discover the hidden truth behind the corruption. The dungeons are beautifully made and procedurally generated to guarantee a unique gaming experience upon leaving the Bergson’s home.

    Each of the members of the family has a distinct fighting style, background, expertise, and personality. You will have to put your skills to the best use if you want to become the guardian you need to be to save your loved ones from disaster.

    Witness the emotions of Bergson family members and follow their story as they struggle to help each other to return peace to the once beautiful mountain.

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