The release of Children of Morta is postponed on Nintendo Switch

The release of Children of Morta is postponed on Nintendo Switch

Released on September 3 on PC, the rogue-lite of Dead Mage and 11 bit Studios, Children of Morta has been a great success since its release. With excellent reviews and several awards, it seems that the five years of work needed to develop the game have borne fruit. The release of Children of Morta is also scheduled for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 15th. Those who want to play the game on Nintendo Switch will have to wait for a little longer to do so.

Indeed, it has been recently announced through a tweet published on the official Twitter account of the game that the launch on Switch is delayed. It seems that the studio needs more time to finalize the version for the Nintendo console.

Even if the players who want to play Children of Morta on Nintendo Switch will certainly be disappointed with this news, we can only welcome this initiative of Dead Mage and 11 bit Studios. This is a wise decision and we hope that this extra month will allow players to enjoy the game on Nintendo's console as well as on other platforms. This is not the first time we have seen this scenario happen with Switch porting. The console has a lower performance than other platforms, so creating a good gaming experience is not always easy for the studios.

Tequila Works had paid the price in 2017 for a poorly optimized port for the Switch with its RiMe game. It took them several patches to fix the majority of problems that the game faced, and some still persist today. Although this is unfortunate, because RiMe is a very good game, that fans of the genre are not very forgiving, and we imagine that the studios do not especially want to stir up the anger of the players.

Children of Morta will be released on the scheduled date, October 15th, on Xbox One and PS4. Switch players will have to wait until November 20th. Whatever your platform play on, feel free to visit our comparator to get it at the best price.

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