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    Outward is an open world role-playing game that focuses on survival and adventure. You will play as a common adventurer in a fantasy world, not a famous hero, not someone especially powerful. That puts you in a position where every decision you take is important, and the way you approach to combat really matters. It´s not like you won´t be able to become a hero if you want, but at the end of the day, you will still be just an adventurer trying your best to survive in a vast world full of dangerous creatures.

    The game allows you to play solo or in co-op mode with a friend, both online and splitscreen. Having someone to adventure with could be great, as you can share your daily tasks for survival and so, but you won´t be forced to stay together, being able to enjoy separated adventures and explore on your own anytime. When we talk about daily survival tasks we are not talking about quests or anything. Outward is a survival game, and you will have to work hard to survive and maintain yourself healthy. So maybe boiling water before you drink it, hunting for food, or making sure that you have enough resources and a shelter for the cold nights of winter, or treating properly that scratch in your leg, might be very good ideas if you really want to end retiring and passing all your knowledge, gear and skills to the next generation.

    Regarding combat, you must keep in mind that you are not a hero. There are a lot of weapons that you can use, but each of them has different movements, so you will have to learn how to fight with them. You will be able to learn magic and perform rituals too, but it´s not a simple process. You must also know that enemies will also cast magic, use equipment and grow in power just like you do, so an intelligent approach to combat and preparation will always be a plus if you have to fight.

    The world of Aurai is a living thing, and it will change through the course of your adventures. Different factions control the land and you will be able to join them if you wish. That will you allow you to experience different storylines.

    Outward is an incredible title that mixes survival and adventuring in a way never seen before. It´s not your usual RPG adventure. You won´t be able to save your game to try again because the game is constantly saving and overwriting, so you will have to learn from your defeats, if you manage to survive after them, of course.

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