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    Dead or Alive 6 is a 3D fighting game, part of the Dead or Alive series produced by Tecmo Games. It features superb graphics and multi-level stages creating a thrilling experience. The DOA series began in 1996, and it has appeared on multiple arcade machines and consoles around the globe. In this installment, the DOA stage is more vibrant, it's packed with enhanced visuals, and updated combat systems. It’s a whole new level of fighting and surviving against tough opponents.

    The story will pick up from where Dead or Alive 5 left off, but this time it will focus on two separate narratives; the battle between Ninja and Doatec VS M.I.S.T lead by Donovan and the events that happened in the 6th Dead or Alive tournament. There will also be new story episodes to introduce the returning characters.

    Dead or Alive 6 aims for more realistic graphics and enhances the characters’ facial expressions with effects such as having sweat and dirt. In this series, a new dramatic element is added to the fight. It is accessible and easy to use even for new players and can be activated by simply pressing the RB button.  Other new features include the slow-motion movements and the visible damage that fighters will show through the duration of the fight.

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