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    Yoku’s Island Express is based on the explorations of Yoku, the little postman protagonist of the game. This pinball adventure game developed by Villa Gorilla and published by Team 17 Digital Ltd., received great reviews from players across the globe since its release. It has a catchy storyline, great pinball mechanics, and offers an awesome adventure to players.


    Yoku is set to have an easy breezy life in Mokumana, just delivering mails and soaking up the sun in the tropical island but that changed when the island’s ancient deity got trapped in a restless sleep. Yoku must explore the island and help those who need saving.

    You will control Yoku and your mission will be saving the island from calamity. You must prevent an attack and save the island’s deity before everything is too late.


    Explore the island to your heart’s content. There are various regions on the island with beaches, jungles, mountains, caves, and hot springs.

    Unlock new abilities. Help the locals and get new power-ups.

    Epic Boss Battles. Use Yoku’s ball to defeat the giant bosses in epic battles.

    Colorful artwork. Bask in the visuals of the game, with hand-painted artwork created by veterans in the industry.


    Yoku’s Island Express is a side-scrolling platform where players move Yoku right and left. Unlike other games of the same type, Yoku can’t jump. Instead, you will have to use pinball paddles to hit the ball attached to Yoku and make him progress through the different levels.

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