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    The Oni menace has returned! Now, all slayers must rise to fight off the threat, and save the world from this demonic threat. Welcome to the world of Toukiden 2. The sequel to the hit hunting game, Toukiden 2 expands upon what made the original great, as well as gives you new reasons to enjoy the title. Are you ready to go on an adventure? For in this demon-hunting game, you'll need to be a powerful and precise warrior in order to obtain victory. Do you think you can be that? Toukiden 2 features not only very intense combat, but the ability to target certain parts of your foe for destruction! Weaken them by exposing key part of their body, then go for the lethal blow. Or, ensure that your foe is crippled by your attacks so you can let loose a fury of strikes! These real-time battles will put your skills to the test. The world that you are in is vast, and you'll be able to explore every bit of it as you try and work your way through the Oni that threaten it. Along the way you'll encounter new characters, new quests to partake, and much more. Plus, Toukiden 2 lets you build your character from the ground up with their massive customization options. Make your hero or heroine the way you want, and ensure that your appearance strikes fear into the hearts of the Oni. Also, choose the weapon class you want, as Toukiden 2 brings back all the types from last game, and adds two more!

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