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    Go full online multiplayer with Don’t Starve Together, the multiplayer stand alone to Klei Entertainment’s action adventure survival game, Don't Starve. Fight to stay alive and sane in a dark and dangerous world, now with friends! Don’t Starve takes players deep into a point and click survival adventure, following Wilson, a young scientist. Players have to keep Wilson fed and happy, as well as safe from all sorts of supernatural creatures interested in devouring him. Gather materials and resources by day, and do your best to stay alive through the night. With Don’t Starve Together, you can now take the adventure online. Play with friends and help each other survive the dark and twisted world, or accept the risk and play with total strangers online. With Don’t Starve Together, you don’t have to face the terrors and challenges of the original game alone. Craft your own weapons and make your own shelter to survive. Unlock various playable characters, all with their own unique traits and survival bonuses. Explore randomly generated worlds, but be careful, because in Don’t Starve, death is permanent. Earn experience points each day you can stay alive, and use them to unlock the additional characters upon death. In Don’t Starve, Charlie was just an invisible menace that could only harm you in darkness. In Don’t Starve Together, he’s completely taken over. Band together with your allies and try to hold out as long as possible. It’ll take wits and strategy to avoid the menacing creatures lurking around every corner, if you don’t starve first.


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