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    Developed and published by Klei Entertainment, Oxygen not Included is a space colony simulation game. A crew must master science and overcome new life forms while deep inside an alien space rock. You must use the space tech skilfully in order to survive and thrive.

    About the Game

    There is a loss of oxygen, it’s not warm enough, and the sustenance is scarce. Such is your surroundings, you must live through the perils of the subterranean asteroid environments that you’ve living and thrive until the population grows all the while, not forgetting to breathe.


    Players build expansive bases and explore the ways on how to survive. You have the upper hand in your space colony. All the resources are for your taking however, it will start to deplete once you start breathing so dig deep and dig fast because your life depends on it.

    A win over stress simulations. Have fun while trying to survive to keep your mental health as fit as possible. There are a million ways that your surroundings and duplicates stress you but do not be overwhelmed by it and just keep going.

    Keep the Thermodynamics working to the bits. Temperature is always a concern in space. It must be balanced, not too cold and not too hot. Maintain your colony’s heat production to have a comfortable atmosphere.

    Complete the Complex Gas and Liquid Simulation. Make interlocking pipe systems to efficiently deliver fuel and liquid to critical areas in your colony.  

    Experience the space world in the push of the button. Survive the lack of oxygen and make sure that your colonist lives comfortably.

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