Don’t Starve Together: Klei unveils new products for 2019

Don’t Starve Together: Klei unveils new products for 2019

Originally released in 2013 on PC Don't Starve is a survival game not quite like the others. Indeed, if the gameplay is fairly classic for a game of its kind, its hand-drawn graphics do not leave indifferent. Don't Starve, when released, was playable only solo, but in 2014, following the expansion Reign of Giants, a multiplayer standalone came into being, Don't Starve Together. After staying in Early Access for a long time, Don't Starve Together successfully launched, and is now also available on PS4 and Xbox One. If the solo version has unprecedented expansions like Shipwrecked or more recently Hamlet, Don't Starve Together is also enriched with new content regularly. After A New Reign, deployed from 2016 through successive updates, Klei has instead focused more on the events during 2017 and 2018, including The Forge and The Gorge.

But through a message published in the official forum of the game a few days ago, Bigfoot, one of the creators of the game, announced that the events, although having met great success with the players, were not economically viable for the studio. So here is what awaits us on Don't Starve Together in 2019. In April, new horizons should open up, including new biomes, including new resources and creatures. This new content will come gradually through free updates, at a bi-monthly rate. The characters will have the right to a reset, with new abilities, as well as some revelations about their past. The first to benefit from these changes will be Winona, in March, and other characters will be updated every month throughout the year. Skins will also be available for sale for each character, as well as the Triumphant, Guest of Honor and Survivor packs. Four new survivors will also join the game, the first will appear in March, the others will follow every 2 months. However, these new characters will have to be bought. The price announced by Klei is $6.99 per character and the sales will fund the development of the game. To close this list of novelties, the update of the Year of the Pig King event is available today.



If you like survival games, but also games a little crazy and humorous, I can only recommend you to try Don't Starve Together. You can literally spend whole evenings with friends, collecting resources to improve your camp, planting, chasing strange creatures, trying to breed yaks, facing horrible monsters, and more. Each part is different, and you will have to deal with the dangers around you and the seasons, each of which brings a lot of challenges. The strongest point of Don't Starve is its replayability, but also the great freedom that the game leaves you to try to survive as long as possible in the hostile world of Don't Starve.

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