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Street Fighter 6 reveals Kimberly and the return of Juri

Street Fighter 6 reveals Kimberly and the return of Juri

During EVO 2022, Capcom announced two new Street Fighter 6 characters and showed their gameplay. The sadistic Juri returns to the combat and is now part of the starting lineup. In Street Fighter V, she was a DLC character. And a new fighter, Kimberly, makes her Street Fighter debut oozing style and flair.

Check out their announcement and moves down in the video:



Street Fighter 6 presents Kimberly, a new character

The new character, Kimberly, invited herself to be a disciple of Guy, another character in the franchise. She is the 39th Successor to Bushinryu. According to Capcom, she is passionate about the culture of the 80s, so she uses a walkman and also incorporates the use of graffiti and spray paint cans in her fighting style. The fighter is exceptionally agile, as is her technique. Using ninja speed in her attacks, Kimberly uses her physical strength to open up her opponents' defenses in various ways.

Juri returns from Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V to continue her own story. Previously, the fighter sought revenge against M. Bison, but since her defeat in the fifth game, the character has been looking for new challenges. Juri's current look is reminiscent of Street Fighter IV's design but revamped for the new title. Several of her previous moves are still available for the character, so fans can rest assured that the sadistic thrill-seeker is back. Many fans seem pleased that she is making up the initial lineup and is not a DLC character.

Juri and Kimberly join five other characters confirmed for Street Fighter 6: Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Jamie, and Luke. A leaked image about the roster, by the way, indicated the presence of Juri and Kimberly. Besides them, classic characters such as Blanka, Ken, Zangief, and Dhalsim were also present, as well as other new ones. The image indicates that at least four new characters will debut in Street Fighter 6.

The title is scheduled for release in 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Don't miss out on the best deals for a Street Fighter 6 game key on our comparator.

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