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Capcom announces Street Fighter 6

Capcom announces Street Fighter 6


All those who guessed it right, give yourselves a pat on the back—Capcom has formally revealed Street Fighter 6. This is what the countdown at the Capcom website was all about, with the game announcement arriving Sunday after the Capcom Pro Tour Street Fighter 5 Tournament. 

But forget about that for now. Check out the Street Fighter 6 teaser trailer right here:


So it’s official—a new Street Fighter game is in development, the first of the classic fighting games to be built for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. That’s the good news; the bad news is that we won’t be getting many updates about the game until later in the summer. 

Looking at the teaser, it features a beefy-looking Ryu getting ready to square off against the arrogant army brat, Luke Sullivan. It’s also notable that, after all this time, Ryu has finally discovered sandals. 

The previous game, Street Fighter 5, was released in 2016 and started with 16 characters. Updates soon expanded that roster to 45 characters, with new stages and gameplay improvements included. Here’s hoping the new game will feature a similarly large selection of characters and stages. 

It's also woth mentioning that Yusuke Hashimoto, who directed Bayonetta 2, is joining the development team.

Along with the new Street Fighter announcement, Capcom also released a trailer for the Capcom Fighting Collection. This features 10 classic games, including two Darkstalkers games that had never had a Western release. All featured games will have quality-of-life improvements and Online Rollback Netcode. The Collection is releasing on June 24, 2022.



We still have bare-bones information on Street Fighter 6, with no idea yet as to the release date and platforms. Summer can't come fast enough. 

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