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Capcom is teasing something with a countdown

Capcom is teasing something with a countdown

Capcom is definitely up to something. The renowned video game company has posted a countdown on their official website while providing no context whatsoever. All we know is that whatever it is will be revealed precisely on February 20/21 at 10 PM PT/6 PM GMT


Fans are abuzz with what the announcement could be. However, there could be some clues. The font for the timer resembles the one used in the popular Resident Evil series. Another thing that leads credence to this is a second announcement that came out on Capcom’s Japanese Twitter account. 


While this particular announcement will come tomorrow at 4 PM JST/10 AM GMT, the two announcements could still be related.

There have been rumors of a possible Resident Evil 4 remake, one that would see a return to the RE horror roots as opposed to the game’s more action-oriented gameplay. If you look closely, the portal layout actually resembles the menu screen of RE4.

Another possibility is the official announcement for Resident Evil Village DLC, which has been confirmed to be in development back in June 2021.   

A third possibility for the countdown may have nothing to do with Resident Evil but with another beloved Capcom series, Street Fighter. For one thing, the countdown ends at the same time as Capcom's Street Fighter Pro Tour Season Final. Also, this year happens to be the 35th Anniversary of Street Fighter. Prior to this announcement, Capcom has already prompted fans to "look forward to the future development of the Street Fighter series.”

Whatever the countdown could mean, it’s definitely something big and you can bet fans are looking forward to what the future will bring.

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