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Capcom reveals Street Fighter 6 gameplay

Capcom reveals Street Fighter 6 gameplay

Yeaterday's State of Play was full of surprises. Well, maybe the announcement of Street Fighter 6 is not so much of a surprise. There's been a lot of rumors about it and that its one of the most important franchises in the genre. In any case, the video shown yesterday serves as the official confirmation. It also reveals the type of gameplay that players can expect to enjoy when the game is out and provides a release window for the new installment in the series after the highly-successful Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter 6 announcement



The announcement video shows quite a few bits of gameplay and boasts the impressive graphics that Street Fighter 6 will feature. It reveals four iconic fighters from previous titles: Ryu, Chun-Li, Jamie, and Luke. You can watch them in combat performing some of their most famous signature moves and strikes. Street Fighter 6 will feature several gameplay modes, including Fighting Ground, which is a new take on the classic experience, and also two novelties. On the one hand, World Tour will be an immersive single-player experience, a Story mode of sorts. On the other, Battle Hub will be focused on PvP battles between players. Capcom will reveal more about both in the future.

Street Fighter 6 looks impressive and shows that the series has matured quite well. The new look of the characters and a more realistic graphic style contribute to delivering a modern fighting experience. Capcom will be implementing significant novelties in the gameplay aspect of the battles, with a new control mode that will allow players to unleash special attacks just by pressing one button. It will be perfect to introduve new players into the game. Of course, the classic control system will be available for more seasoned players that have memorized their favorite combos over years of practice.

Although it's too soon to compare the new installment with Street Fighter V, it would be nice if Capcom would put some effort into launchingStreet Fighter 6 in the best possible state. Its predecessor struggled a bit to convince the fans at launch, but fortunately enough, the release of the Champion Edition came to solve most problems and disappointments and made Street Fighter V the game it should have been from the start. 

With 2023 in the scope for a release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, Street Fighter 6 will surely be part of next year's EVO championship lineup if it launches before the competition begins. To get ready for the launch, remember to look for the best price to buy your Street Fighter 6 code cheap on our website.

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