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Stellaris to launch Overlord expansion in May

Stellaris to launch Overlord expansion in May

Stellaris is one of those games that keeps on giving. After launching expansion Nemesis, Utopia, Megacorp, Apocalypse, and Federations, Paradox has announced its sixth expansion: Overlord, to launch on May 12 for the PC. Have a look at the trailer here:



The Overlord expansion introduces “vassalization” mechanics to the game. Simply put, once a faction becomes your vassal either by force or mutual agreement, you can determine the terms of your relationship with them, to the point of dictating a specialist role. You can make them research technologies, turn them into economic centers, or make them into military powerhouses. According to the announcement post on the Paradox forum, “Negotiate the terms of your subjects’ Vassal Contracts, with the ability to subsidize their income, restrict their expansion, construct buildings on their worlds, and more."

The expansion brings three enclaves to whom you can apply these vassalization mechanics: the Salvagers, who are a group of mechanics and scavengers; the Shroudwalkers, an enclave of monks who study the Shroud, and; the Mercenary enclaves, which are found throughout faction empires.

Also included in the expansion are five new origins for your empire, new music, and three new Megastructures to build: the Orbital Ring, which can raise your planet’s starbase capacity and boost the local economy; the Quantum Catapult, which can send your ships on a one-way journey to a point in space, and the Hyper Relay, which can rapidly transport ships and supplies across your empire.  

One final addition is a free update called Cepheus, which adds fixes and new features such as the negotiation mechanic required for the Overlord expansion.

Overlord will launch on May 12 for the PC. If you don’t have this amazing sci-fi 4X grand strategy game, pick up a Stellaris PC key and the Stellaris: Overlord expansion to start building your galactic empire.

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