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Stellaris: Overlord is the sixth expansion to the main game and one that gives you the feeling of being in total control of your empire. 

The Overlord expansion introduces the new vassalization mechanics to Stellaris. Once a faction becomes your vassal either by force or by negotiation, you get to determine what they do for you. According to the developer, you can “Negotiate the terms of your subjects’ Vassal Contracts, with the ability to subsidize their income, restrict their expansion, construct buildings on their worlds, and more." You can force your vassals to become an economic dynamo, to focus on research and development, or become a military power. 

Overlord also introduces three enclaves where you can turn into vassals. The Salvagers are a group of skilled mechanics and scavengers. The Shroudwalkers are a monastic enclave who study the mysteries of the Shroud. Finally, the Mercenaries are spread throughout the empires and fight for profit. 

Included in the expansion are five new origins for your empire, along with a new soundtrack and three new Megastructures to build:

  • Orbital Ring - raises your planet’s maximum starbase capacity or improves the planet’s economy 

  • Quantum Catapult - sends your fleet on a one-way trip to a point in the galaxy

  • Hyper Relay - quickly transports ships and supplies within your region

The universe can be yours if you understand how to wield power. Become the mightiest ruler of the galaxy in Stellaris: Overlord.

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This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Stellaris

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