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Stellaris receives new content next week

Stellaris receives new content next week

Stellaris already have a good number of DLC that take its gameplay experience to a new level. Paradox, the creator of the Europa Universalis series, has done a very good job with the game and used all its experience with the famous medieval strategy and simulation series to create a superb sci-fi 4X strategy game that lets you forge a galactic empire as you explore the farthest reaches of the universe. In Stellaris, starting as a civilization that has just discovered the means of traveling through space, you will have to explore the surrounding stellar systems, where you will find resources, alien races, and unexpected dangers. As you develop your technology, you will be able to travel further way and expand your civilization through the stars.



A new Stellaris expansion is coming next week. The Nemesis expansion will introduce a new system in the game that will allow you to play either as a nefarious force trying to devastate the universe or one of the Galactic Custodians that are trying to stop this evil force from achieving its goal. The expansion brings new tools that can be used by both factions to thwart their opponent's plans, including espionage and covert operations. But if you were not planning on spending some cash to expand Stellaris, the launch of Nemesis on PC will also be accompanied by the Update 3.0 for the game, which is completely free. This update called Dick for the famous sci-fi author Philip K. Dick,  will revamp the First Contact system to offer players more options when their civilization meets another one for the first time, and it will make the decisions you take at that moment more impactful too. The update will also make a pass on many of the other systems in the game including planetary economics and organization.



Whether you decide to purchase Nemesis expansion or not, your Stellaris games are subject to be quite different once Update 3.0 arrives on April 15, but you are still entitled to an amazing experience in the game.

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