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Stellaris receives a massive free update

Stellaris receives a massive free update

Stellaris offers an amount of content to the players as big as the universe you can explore in the game. Of course, the game has evolved quite a bit since it was launched, mainly thanks to the release of several DLC. In most cases, those DLC are paid content, but the community usually welcomes the opportunity of funding the developers' efforts to make the game in good shape and permanent evolution. If anything, Paradox Interactive may be accused of adding too many things to Stellaris in recent years, increasing the complexity of the game with new mechanics and variables, but since most of those are optional, players can enjoy the game as they please.

The 100th anniversary of the birth of renowned Sci-Fi author Stanisław Lem has been the perfect excuse for Paradox Interactive to launch new content for Stellaris. Instead of launching a new paid DLC, Stellaris 3.1 "Lem" Update is a patch that adds free content to the base game and to several of the paid DLC previously released. Therefore, if you are a fan of the game and have purchased those DLC you are entitled to quite a few novelties.



Stellaris 3.1 "Lem" Update contents

Base game: Limitations have been removed across most of the Tradition trees in the base game, and several new options have been added along with an enhanced user interface.

Plantoids Species Pack: Two new Civics and three new Species Traits have been added to this pack. Plantoids can now convert Food into Alloys and terraform planets into Gaia worlds while receiving new bonuses.

Humanoids Species Pack: The new Clone Army Origin leaves aside natural reproduction means to use Cloning Vats instead. They get combat bonuses but the number of Cloning Vats available limits their growth. Also, Pleasure Seeker and Masterful Crafter Civics offer you new management options.

Necroids Species Pack: Hive Mind empires can now choose Necrophage origin. Death Cults and Reanimator Civics have had their mechanics reworked

The update also includes a wide variety of tools for modding. You can read more about these in Stellaris Development Diary on Paradox website.

If you want to know more details about the Stellaris 3.1 "Lem" Update, you can read the official patch notes here. As usual, to find the best price for Stellaris or any of its expansions, you can visit our comparator anytime. 

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