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Stealth will be much better in Dying Light 2

Stealth will be much better in Dying Light 2

The development of Dying Light 2 seems to be progressing quite well, or at least that's what anyone would think after watching the latest video published by Techland. It focuses on two aspects of the game that are key components of this new adventure. On one side, the monsters that Aiden Caldwell will have to face. On the other, stealth, a feature that was overlooked many times in its predecessor but that could be a much more important part of this game.

In the video, we can see Aiden sneaking through some facilities full of zombies of several types and making use of his lantern to get across some rooms. It's worth noticing that it's probably daytime, because most zombies are slumbering, but Aiden has to be very careful and move in total darkness to avoid being detected. But Dying Light 2 is not just going to be one of those stealth-only games, and when Aiden gets discovered it's time to run before he gets killed. 



It's quite interesting that Dying Light 2 is putting a renewed focus on stealth mechanics. For many players trying to sneak through areas infested by zombies was rather boring compared to putting a bullet through their heads, but it seems to be far more exciting in the new game. 

Another feature shown in the video is the parkour movements that you can use to traverse the scenarios in Dying Light 2. Even though they were present in Dying Light too, they feel more fluid and real now. Some of you may have even recognized the legendary stuntman David Belle in the video, who is considered the creator of parkour and helped Techland to develop the first game. The NPC that appears in the video looks exactly like him, and the developers couldn't have chosen anyone better to help them with the design of the movements.

Dying Light 2 is looking quite good so far, and it will probably be one of the big hits of the year when it launches December 7 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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