Techland confirms Dying Light 2 for 2021

Techland confirms Dying Light 2 for 2021

The survival horror genre has always been quite popular among video game players and there are plenty of good games available for those that want to immerse themselves into an experience that will take them to the limit. Among those, Dying Light shines bright like a jewel thanks to its thrilling gameplay and features like a huge open world infested by zombies for you to explore, a parkour system that makes movement quite fluid, and several multiplayer modes. But the game is already six years old, and there are a lot of players waiting for Dying Light 2, a sequel that was announced a while ago.

It's public that developer Techland has not had the easiest of times with the development of Dying Light 2. Several issues have delayed it at different stages and, even though the release of the game is scheduled for this year, there are a lot of players who still doubt that the Polish developer is able to launch it in time. Not too long ago, an update about the state of Dying Light 2 was promised, and it came yesterday in the form of a video in which they confirm that they intend to release the game this year and that they are working hard for it to happen.



The video briefly reveals some footage of Dying Light 2, but other than that, it only serves to confirm that the studio is committed to the development of the game and that, according to them, "they will be ready to start talking about it very soon". The problem when you announce such an anticipated game too early is that you end having to handle the discontent of those eagerly waiting to play it. The waters will probably calm down quite a bit once they start revealing more information about Dying Light 2 and we all know what to expect.

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