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Techland has not forgotten Dying Light 2

Techland has not forgotten Dying Light 2

Even though Dying Light is a critically acclaimed game that has contributed to make Techland a relevant developer in the world of video games, the studio seems to be having a hard time with the development of its sequel. The release of Dying Light 2 was originally scheduled for Spring 2020 but the studio announced that it would be delayed. Although a postponement of the release of a video game has turned to be something very common and almost the rule during this year, all the players that were waiting for the game have been kept in the dark for quite a few months. Many of them were even wondering if the developers had forgotten about Dying Light 2, but it turns out that it's not the case. 

Techland has recently talked about the game on the official Discord channel, and it seems that they are working hard in order to launch it as soon as possible. It's even possible that we will be able to play Dying Light 2 very soon as the developer has confirmed that "fresh updates" concerning the project are coming sometime in the new year. Obviously, all the players that are waiting for the game expect the announcement of a release date but we don´t know what to expect. Whatever the announcement is, it will be more than welcome considering the huge amount of time that they have been silent about the state of Dying Light 2 development.



Meanwhile, if you want to have some fun playing survival zombie games, one of your best options is Dying Light. The game is still in good shape and it offers a good experience with lots of content to explore and several DLC available that expand its features. Of course, you can find it at the best price on our comparator.

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