Dying Light 2 gives us more details on its factions

Dying Light 2 gives us more details on its factions

Dying Light 2 was first announced at the Xbox conference at E3 2018 and then originally set to release in 2020, but if that had been the case we obviously wouldn't be telling you about it today. The development of the Dying Light sequel has been a bumpy ride. The release was pushed back to spring 2020, and then it was delayed again, partly due to the accusations against Chris Avellone last summer, which ended Techland's collaboration with the game designer. Dying Light 2 is now scheduled for release this year, but we don't have a more precise release window. Fortunately, there is some new information about the game available. 

After many months of absence, Techland came back on the scene last March and resumed the communication around Dying Light 2. With the game now scheduled for this year, everything seems to be falling in place. After a first episode of frequently asked questions published on the official Youtube channel at the end of April, a second episode has been published recently and it gives us details on certain aspects of the game. For example, it reveals that Dying Light 2 will take place fifteen years after its predecessor and that the protagonist this time will be Aiden. The video answers a number of questions you're probably wondering about if you're waiting for Dying Light 2, but the most important one is about factions, one of the game's key features.


Players will meet the Survivors and the Peacekeepers. As their name suggests, the former are survivors and experts at adapting to their environment who try to gather resources. On the other hand, the Peacekeepers are a heavily armed, militarized group that does not take sides. Players will have to align themselves with one of these factions, and thus make a choice that will have consequences, starting with the behavior of the factions themselves. 

With 2021 already well underway, it shouldn't be long before we have a final release date for Dying Light 2. Meanwhile, we will keep you informed about any other news about the game.

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