Start downloading Starfield now

Start downloading Starfield now

The release of Starfield is scheduled for September 6 but you can start pre-loading the game files as soon as today if you are going to play the game on Xbox Series X/S. Meanwhile, if you will play Bethesda's new epic RPG adventure on PC you will still have to wait a few days to pre-load the game files as these will be available on Steam starting on August 30.

Choose your path

With more than a thousand planets to explore, plenty of spaceships to choose from, and a plethora of interesting features that contribute to delivering a unique experience, Starfield is bound to become one of the biggest RPG adventures in history and it will be a solid contender for the Game of the Year 2023 award. In a recent FAQ session, Bethesda revealed more details about Starfield that shed some light on how big and immersive the game really is. The game features a housing system and you will be able to purchase a home in every major city. Also, it will also be possible for you to operate as a contrabandist and smuggle illegal goods across the galaxy. However, you may spend some time in jail if you get caught red-handed.



Starfield is an experience that offers you infinite possibilities to explore the galaxy as you want. You can even choose to be a pacifist and make use of non-lethal weapons to progress through the game, which will prove to be quite a challenging enterprise.

You won't really have a scope of how colossal the game is until you play it. Fortunately, you can use our comparator to check out the best deals on Starfield CD keys and get ready to play the game as soon as it's available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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