Starfield's persuasion system is point-based

Starfield's persuasion system is point-based

The upcoming release of Starfield keeps gaining relevance as the game has raised a lot of expectations. Bethesda Softworks will launch a game that is bound to be remembered for years to come as happened with Skyrim, which is considered one of the best games in its genre. The information revealed about Starfield so far makes it very appealing to a wide range of players whether they are looking for a deeply immersive experience, an exciting RPG, or an adventure full of action. That's why Bethesda is putting a lot of effort into explaining many details about the game ahead of release.

Game director Todd Howard has revealed more details about the game in a recent video where he talks about several aspects of Starfield. The most interesting one is the persuasion system, which will make your interaction with the characters you meet in the game quite an interesting and engaging activity.



Your choices matter

We are used to seeing plenty of dialog systems where your choices have a direct impact on the game world. This process will be a bit more engaging thanks to a system that we have seen before in previous games from Bethesda like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but it has been taken much further for this game.

When you are trying to persuade someone in Starfield, you will have to be mindful of your choices because each of them will use a certain number of dialog points. You will have a set number of points available for the conversation and if you run out of them you will be limited in your choices and you may achieve exactly the opposite you intended. This system is totally integrated into the dialog and it feels very organic and dynamic.

"It feels like it's part of the dialog, but you're spending points to persuade [NPCs]. Feels natural. Not like I've entered some other mode where we're not—I'm not doing regular dialog. I'm in this mode of persuading you to get what I want."

This is one of the myriad gameplay systems in Starfield that aims to make it deliver a dynamic and unique gameplay experience. The release of the game is barely two months ahead, and you should check out the system requirements if you plan to play the game on PC. If you want to play on Xbox Series X/S you don't have to worry about that, but you can find the best price to buy your Starfield Xbox key with our comparator already.

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