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Phasmophobia updates its roadmap with novelties

Phasmophobia updates its roadmap with novelties

Kinetic Games continues to expand Phasmophobia steadily thanks to a series of free updates. These have included seasonal events, a new VR system, three new ghost types, and more. With those additions, the game has become an experience even more immersive, but the developer still has quite ambitious plans for its multiplayer psychological horror game. We got to know about these plans in the reveal of the roadmap for 2022, which took place a while ago, but the studio has recently updated its contents with new additions.

Phasmophobia is getting quite a few novelties this month. September's update adds a new difficulty mode that allows you to tailor the experience to your level, as well as a new map called Sunny Meadows. A report system will be also implemented alongside a couple of other novelties yet to be explained. Following that update, weather effects and volumetric lighting will get a revision before the year ends. Phasmophobia will get very interesting additions in 2023, with a new leveling system, a graphics overhaul, more player customization options, equipment upgrades, and more.


Phasmophobia Roadmap


Overall, Phasmophobia continues getting into shape and Kinetic Games seems to be investing the cash earned due to the huge popularity of the game into making it even better, which is quite worthy of praise. Discover this unique multiplayer experience for up to four players that puts you in the shoes of an authentic ghost hunter. You will use ghost hunting equipment to search for evidence in haunted places while being chased by pesky ghosts that can frighten you to death. 

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