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Phasmophobia's latest update includes new ghosts

Phasmophobia's latest update includes new ghosts

Phasmophobia takes a different approach to the horror genre by putting players in the shoes of a very special group of investigators. Paranormal activity is the name of the game in this cooperative ghost-hunting game developed by Kinetic Games that became extremely popular last year around Halloween. Despite the small size of Kinetic Games, the studio's future looks quite bright and includes a possible expansion thanks to the success of Phasmophobia. However, the developer is still focused on the game and has just released a new update that adds plenty of bug corrections and several novelties to the survival horror game.


The main addition of Update v.0.3.0 to a pair of new ghosts, Myrling and Goryo. These paranormal entities will prove to be quite hard to hunt thanks to several other changes that the update brings. The use of electronic equipment will alert the ghosts now in the same way as your voice. Therefore, using equipment like the new DOTS Projector will require you to be even more careful than before when trying to gather evidence in haunted locations. You will also need to turn off any electronic equipment if you want to hide from the ghosts in Phasmophobia. If you get discovered, the new Sprint mechanic may give you enough advantage to lose a ghost if you time it correctly. You can check all the changes that the new update brings to the game by checking the official patch notes on Steam. 

We don't know what the future holds for Phasmophobia or its developers, but it's quite clear that the game still has a long and successful path ahead of it. The game is still in Early Access on Steam, but it should be released this year. While keeping that in mind, it's great to see that Phasmophobia is shaping into an even better experience with every update.

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