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Phasmophobia expands its content with a free update

Phasmophobia expands its content with a free update

One of the games released last year that has gladly surprised the fans of horror games is Phasmophobia. Kinetic Games came up with a cool idea for this game that allows you to delve into the paranormal world by investigating the existence of ghosts, but it is thanks to several popular streamers on Twitch and Youtube that the game managed to reach the top of the sales charts on Steam. Phasmophobia offers you quite an immersive experience as you investigate several sites looking for a way to get rid of the ghosts that are haunting them. Each of these ghosts has a completely different behavior and a wide range of abilities to make your task quite a challenge, but the best thing about Phasmophobia gameplay is that you can share the fun with other players, and communicate with them via voice chat. This seemingly harmless feature is quite important, as the ghosts themselves can hear you and react to your actions.



Phasmophobia features several ghosts and locations but Kinetic Games has just released a new free update for the game that adds more content to it. two new types of ghosts, the Yokai and the Hantu, have been added to the game. You can find them in any of the locations previously available in the game but also at a new small house map called Willow Street House. One of the peculiarities of this new map is that there are no closets or lockets that you can use to hide from the ghosts, so you will have to be quick on your feet to avoid the ghosts using the furniture in each room. The update also adds two new daily challenges and a number of bug fixes and other minor changes to the game.

All those additions contribute to keeping Phasmophobia fresh with new opportunities. As usual, you can find the game at the best price on our comparator.

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