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Phasmophobia's rising popularity brings some changes to the game

Phasmophobia's rising popularity brings some changes to the game

Although the game is still in Early Access on Steam, Phasmophobia has caught the attention of quite a few players so far. This psychological horror cooperative multiplayer asymmetric game puts four players in the shoes of an unusual group of investigators. They have to explore a location and search for evidence of paranormal activity equipped with ghost hunting tools of several kinds. With 10 different types of ghosts, each of them with unique traits and capabilities, Phasmophobia offers quite an immersive experience to the players. Even more, the game can be played in VR too, and it features crossplay, allowing VR and non-VR players to play together. They will have to coordinate their efforts in order to hunt the ghosts.



Phasmophobia was originally intended to be a rather small game but its increasing popularity has forced developer Kinetic Games of the game to change some of their plans for the release of the game. DKnighter, the only member of the studio has explained that in an interview with IGN:

"I was planning for the server capacity hitting a maximum of 500 players on launch day and it to drop off from there, as well as only aiming to make enough money to keep making more games. Now the game has over 2 million sales, with a player peak of around 90k. However, due to the game's popularity, everyone's expectations are increased, so I am going to have to reconsider my plans for the game’s future." 

Phasmophobia has found itself as one of the top-selling games on Steam, and the extra effort that the developer is putting into the game is going to translate into some additional time on Early Access. If you are a fan of the horror genre and want to live a very interesting ghost-hunting experience that you can share with other people, Phasmophobia could be a perfect game for you. To find it all the best price, all you have to do is visiting our comparator anytime.

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