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Phasmophobia update adds voodoo dolls and a new ghost

Phasmophobia update adds voodoo dolls and a new ghost

Despite being still in Early Access, Phasmophobia grabbed worldwide attention with its terrifying and often unintentionally hilarious gameplay. Last week, we received an enormous update that fundamentally changes the game. Called “Cursed Possessions,” the update six new items that, when used, will provoke a reaction from the ghost. What’s more, the update also adds a new ghost called the Mimic.

Check out Insym’s video round-up of all the changes:



Curses Galore

To summarize, the six cursed items are the Music Box, the Ouija Board, the Voodoo doll, the Haunted Mirror, the Summoning Circle, and the Tarot Cards. One item will be randomly selected at the start of the session and spawn somewhere inside the play area. Each one is tricky to use—not only do they cost sanity, but they may also trigger a negative effect like a cursed hunt. 

  1. The Music Box causes the ghost to sing along with the tune and approach the item.
  2. The Ouija Board can be used to ask the ghost questions, such as its location.
  3. Pushing a pin in the Voodoo doll will cause the ghost to randomly interact with you, with a 10% chance of a hunt.
  4. Looking in the Cursed Mirror lets you discover the ghost room.
  5. The Summoning Circle is a high-risk item that will summon the ghost. Five seconds later, it will trigger a hunt.
  6. Finally, the Tarot Cards will have random effects on you or the ghost, depending on which card was drawn. One card can completely restore your sanity; another can instantly kill you.

Cursed items arent the only thing in the update. Also included is a new type of ghost: the Mimic, an unpredictable entity that can have the abilities of any ghost type. If this gets selected for your session, good luck identifying it. 



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