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Phasmophobia's Halloween update adds an outdoor map

Phasmophobia's Halloween update adds an outdoor map

Phasmophobia offers us several haunted scenarios where to hunt ghosts and be hunted by them. Until now, all those scenarios have been indoor locations where we could find plenty of places where to hide from the ghosts if they turned aggressive but things are about to get a bit more complex in the game thatks to a new update. The celebration of Halloween is the perfect occasion to launch a new patch for the game that adds plenty of stuff, including the Maple Lodge Campsite, the first outdoor map in Phasmophobia. Developer Kinetic Games has put a lot of effort into making this map more detailed than the others, so players can expect to find a new type of experience. This kins kind of treatment, with higher object density and more visual detail, will be applied to the already existing maps in the future too. 



The Halloween patch will also add four new ghosts to the game. Onryo, The Twins, Obake, and Raiju will join the other ghostly apparitions in Phasmophobia, and it's pretty likely that you will meet them if you are playing the game on Halloween as they will have an increased spawn rate. Also, a new Nightmare difficulty will be available to offer players who are looking for a more intense experience a good dose of terror. The patch also introduces a new weather system that will add more variety to your contracts. Weather effects like rain or fog will reduce visibility and have an impact on the scenario, making ghosts even harder to locate. If you want to know every detail about the patch, you can read the official Phasmophobia patch notes.

When will the Halloween update be available?

You won't have to wait any longer to enjoy all the new additions to Phasmophobia, as the Halloween update is already live. Feel free to visit our comparator to find the best deals and the best price for Phasmophobia anytime.

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