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Phasmophobia is one year old

Phasmophobia is one year old

Even though many people thought that Phasmophobia wasn't going to last much, the popularity of the game has not decreased one year after its launch. Despite being created by Kinetic Games, a humble indie studio made up of a single developer with no formal development training; Phasmophobia rapidly became a hit after entering Early Access on Steam. The main factor influencing its success was that quite a few streamers were playing the game on Early Access, which led to a massive number of people following Phasmophobia on Twitch and Youtube. Of course, the ghost-hunting co-op multiplayer game offers an experience enjoyable enough to hook players, and the result was a meteoric ascension to the top of the charts. 



Happy Birthday!

One year later, Phasmophobia is still quite a popular game among the fans of psychological horror games. With its immersive experience focus on paranormal phenomena, flawless VR integration, thrilling gameplay, and plenty of features that have been enhanced via several updates since it was released, the game continues growing steadily without charging its owners an extra. In fact, Phasmophobia is still in Early Access on Steam, but that has not stopped it from achieving a huge success.

Kinetic Games has recently celebrated the first anniversary of the game with a patch that introduces several tweaks to the game. You can now play singleplayer without having to connect to the internet if you choose, and the in-game journal has been completely revamped to make it much more accessible and useful. Phasmophobia's latest update also includes several fixes and other minor enhancements that you can check out in the patch notes


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