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Phasmophobia enhances its VR experience

Phasmophobia enhances its VR experience

Phasmophobia has always offered quite an immersive experience to the players. Since the game's release on Early Access, Kinetic Games has put quite a bit of effort into making their horror game an unforgettable journey. Exploring locations haunted by ghosts of several types while hunting them down is quite challenging, but the core of the experience comes from the environment. Things like the haunting sounds, supernatural phenomena, and the anxiety caused by being chased by a malevolous spirit that threatens your life contribute to creating the perfect atmosphere. 

If you play Phasmophobia on VR mode, all those sensations get exponentially increased, and the overall experience feels unique. Kinetic Games has just taken it to a new level by overhauling the whole VR system in the game.



After the patch, Phasmophobia supports more VR headsets than ever. Several adjustments to the in-game mechanics make VR gameplay smoother than ever; the throwing physics has been enhanced, and new control options make interacting with objects easier and more natural. But not all the changes in the latest Phasmophobia patch are related to VR. All maps in the game have been revised, and the number and position of the hiding spots have been changed. The higher the difficulty, the fewer places where to safely hide there will be, and many unintended hidden locations have been blocked to make the overall gameplay experience more thrilling. After all, Phasmophobia is not all about staying hidden in a safe place permanently.

Although Phasmophobia is still in Early Access, the game continues to be quite popular. It's one of those indie jewels that has managed to surpass triple-A titles in many aspects and is a favorite for the horror genre's fans.

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