PAYDAY 3 reveals its stealth system

PAYDAY 3 reveals its stealth system

Developer Starbreeze Studios has shown that there are other options besides breaking in guns blazing in PAYDAY 3. A new gameplay video has been revealed in a rather original and unexpected way. It may be too original indeed, as it has taken the fans a while to discover the footage showing how stealth works in the upcoming third installment of the popular heist series. To discover the video you actually had to visit the official website of PAYDAY 3 on incognito or private mode on your browser. The video was announced with a riddle posted on social media that left the fans puzzled:

"You did nothing wrong, but we've waited so long.

Were we mistaken? Should another path have been taken? 

We have shown you violent, now we try to show you silent; think not like in a riot but try to be quiet; start at the page, turn down the gauge; or simply drop the burrito and go…"

Eventually, the mystery was solved and you can now enjoy watching the Payday gang as they infiltrate some heavily guarded location to successfully perform a heist without even shooting once. Of course, they have to deal with plenty of security measures, but since they have prepared beforehand they have a wide array of tools to deal with laser fields, security crystals, and pesky alarms. Cooperation between the gang members is also a must if you want to escape undetected while you are carrying all the valuable goods that you manage to steal.



Always online

Unfortunately, not all the news about PAYDAY 3 have been received with joy. The developer has also revealed that an online connection will be required to play the game, even when you are playing solo, and plenty of fans have already shown their discontent with such a feature. Hopefully, this won't impact the launch of the game, since as most PAYDAY and PAYDAY 2 fans know attempting a heist is much better when done alongside your friends.

The release of the game is scheduled for September 21, 2023, and you can get a PAYDAY 3 PC key at the best price with our comparator already.

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