Developers discuss new gameplay mechanics in PAYDAY 3

Developers discuss new gameplay mechanics in PAYDAY 3

Following the official reveal of PAYDAY 3 and the announcement of a release date for the upcoming first-person shooter experience from Starbreeze Studios, the fans have many questions. The first video showing the game revealed certain gameplay mechanics that are completely new to the series, and after being questioned about these on social media, the developer has released a new video that sheds some light on them.

Hostage negotiation and more

PAYDAY 3 will deliver a shooting experience full of action that is true to the spirit of the series, but the addition of new mechanics will open up more tactical options for the players that will increase realism. Rather than being automatically detected if you are too loud during a heist as it happened in PAYDAY 2, the new game features a completely different system. The guards can get suspicious and start looking for you if they find out something strange. Also, taking hostages will be a solid option to gain extra time or even use them as a bargaining chip if things get ugly at some point during a heist, as revealed by producer Andreas Häll-Penninger.

“So, in Payday 3 you have stealth and then you have something that we call search. which essentially is when guards are looking for you and they’re suspicious. And then you have something really interesting, which is called negotiation, so first responders arrive on the scene, and if you have hostages, you can start trading them to buy time before the cops get in, or you can save the hostages for later because you can trade them for resources.”

Therefore, PAYDAY 3 opens up a new world of possibilities that goes  beyond stealth and "run and gun" mechanics when it comes to your available strategies.



Starbreeze will continue to reveal more details about PAYDAY 3 in the months ahead of the release of the game, which is scheduled for September 21, 2023, on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Of course, if you want to get a cheap PAYDAY 3 code, all you need to do is visit our comparator.

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