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PAYDAY 3 will show its gameplay this summer

PAYDAY 3 will show its gameplay this summer

Starbreeze Studios knows that there are quite a few players waiting for PAYDAY 3. The new installment in the cooperative first-person shooter series was announced a while ago but the developer has not revealed much information about the upcoming game since then. In fact, nobody knows much about the sequel to PAYDAY 2 other than it will follow the steps of its predecessor by offering a frantic cooperative experience full of action. In PAYDAY 3, the gang that terrorized Washington DC comes out from retirement to deal with a new threat, but that's pretty much all we know about it so far.

Gameplay reveal incoming

The release of a brief teaser brings PAYDAY 3 to the front pages again. Even though it does not reveal much about the game, it leaves it clear that we will be able to watch a full gameplay reveal sometime in the coming months.



"We’re now 5 months into the Year of PAYDAY 3, with not a lot of info revealed about the game yet. This has been frustrating for a lot of you, but we promise you the wait will be worth it. Our team has been working very hard on the game, this is still the year of PAYDAY 3 after all, and we’re now almost ready to start lifting the lid and let you all in on how the game is coming along.

PAYDAY 3 is releasing later this year, and we’re getting ready to showcase a first look at PAYDAY 3’s gameplay as well as more information about what you can expect very soon."

The release of this video marks the beginning of the marketing campaign for PAYDAY 3. We should have access to plenty of additional info in the coming months including a launch date. In the meantime, you can quench your thirst for action with PAYDAY 2, which still offers a memorable experience. The best prices to pre-order your PAYDAY 3 code for all platforms are available with our comparator already. 

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