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PAYDAY 3 release date has been leaked

PAYDAY 3 release date has been leaked

Although most leaks are not coming from official sources, it's not unusual that they nail it, especially when coming from data miners. This could be the case for Aggiornamenti Lumia, who has revealed the possible release date of a sequel that has been expected for a long while. We are talking, of course, about PAYDAY 3, the sequel to the heist game favorite of the fans. Starbreeze started revealing details about the sequel to PAYDAY 2 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the series not too long ago but the most pressing question about the game is yet to be confirmed by the developer: the release date.

Coming in September

That's why the leak of a possible PAYDAY 3 release that would take place on September 21, 2023, has been received with joy by the huge community of fans that supports the series. 



If Starbreeze Studios decides to confirm the release date, the upcoming Summer Game Fest would be the perfect event to do so as the eyes of all of the fans will be on the announcements to be made there whether they are on vacation or not. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity of watching the first reveal video for PAYDAY 3

We know very little details about the game other than the Payday gang will be back after their members retired. Starbreeze has revealed that PAYDAY 3 will take a more modern approach to crime, taking into account things like cryptocurrencies, the Dark Web, and more. In any case, it's sure that the game will offer a cooperative multiplayer experience that will make many other shooters look pale. 

If the leak proves to be true, you still have a few months to pull off a few heists alongside your friends in PAYDAY 2 before you immerse in the new game. Remember that you will find the best deals on PAYDAY 3 CD keys for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on our comparator ahead of release. 

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