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There is much more than combat in Forspoken

There is much more than combat in Forspoken

The footage revealed until now has allowed us to discover plenty of the gameplay mechanics that Forspoken includes. We recently could discover the different abilities that Frey can use to traverse the world with the aid of her magic, which is the conducting element that binds many of the features in the game. Forspoken has an exciting story where the protagonist, Frey Holland is transported to a strange world. As you start exploring Athia with the guidance of a sentient bracelet you discover a universe that has its own rules and is full of secrets. You will even have to fight against powerful enemies by using different types of magic, but there is much more than exciting action-based magic battles in the game.

A whole world to discover

Developer Luminous Productions has recently revealed a Forspoken video that allows you to dive deeply into the world of Athia. The footage reveals several aspects of exploration, including certain activities and special locations that Frey will encounter in her adventure. Athia is full of ancient ruins and strange constructions that include sacred stones that have been corrupted. You can cleanse them to gain benefits like enhanced magic powers and more. Some of these monuments will transport you back in time to Athia's past in a Flashback that takes the form of a challenge. Not only they will let you know more about the history of the planet, but also grant you special rewards if you manage to complete the challenge. 



In Forspoken, you will be able to unlock a plethora of magic skills for Frey. One of the ways to do so is by finding Founts of Blessing, special hidden locations that will boost her magic powers. Finding these will be one of the keys to progressing in the game. Other types of challenges and special locations like hidden labyrinths will give you the opportunity to expand Frey's powers, ultimately making her worthy enough to challenge the Tantas.

Overall, the video shows that Forspoken features a world with many things to do other than fighting, which is something to be grateful for as it adds more depth to the game, which is not just a combination of fancy parkour movements and exciting magic-based battles.

The release of Forspoken is scheduled for January 24 on PC and PlayStation 5. You can use our comparator to buy Forspoken cheap on any platform.

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