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Forspoken shows its gameplay in 4K

Forspoken shows its gameplay in 4K

There's a new gameplay video of Forspoken, the newest game from Square Enix and its subsidiary Luminous Productions, that lets you check out more of the action and different enemy types in 4K. The video, courtesy of Game Informer, also gives us a glimpse of the visuals, which rely primarily on particle and lighting effects to turn every battle into a flashy spectacle.

Set in the fantasy world of Athia, Forspoken features a variety of fantastic enemies and magic combinations. Due to a devastating plague corrupting the entire vastness of this land, animals, humans, and other creatures have been transformed into uncontrolled beasts. The player can identify these threats by their tan and silver appearance. The more plague-ridden they are, the more challenging they will be in combat, Game Informer reports.

In addition, the video offers us a preview of the Pitiless Arbiter, one of the mini-bosses that you will encounter in the game world. Like the protagonist, this opponent uses powerful magic and can cover a large area with his attacks by using an ice axe.



Forspoken game details

In Forspoken, players follow the story of Frey Holland, a young New Yorker who is transported without explanation to the fantasy world of Athia - this type of story is called Isekai in Japan. Athia is facing a major collapse as The Break advances. This corruption has transformed the rich landscapes into four dangerous realms. The ancient benevolent matriarchs who ruled Athia, known as Tantas, have also been consumed by evil and must be stopped.

With the help of a sentient bracelet and an arsenal of newly discovered magic at her disposal, the heroine, still reluctant, finds herself at a crossroads and is the only hope of the citizens of Athia while seeking answers and a way to return home safely. This open-world action RPG draws our attention thanks to its high-speed combat, detailed visuals, and exploration. Luminous Productions seems to have listened to the feedback regarding the forgettable and disposable magic system in Final Fantasy XV and went all-in on Forspoken.

Just remember that Forspoken has been delayed and is now scheduled for October 11. According to Square Enix, the decision was made to polish the game and "deliver a world and heroine that players will want to experience for years to come." You can pre-order your Forspoken CD Key on our comparator and dive into the world of Athia as soon as it's available.

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