Forspoken gameplay is all about magic

Forspoken gameplay is all about magic

One of the most eye-catching games for release this year is Forspoken. Luminous Productions’ open-world RPG, Forspoken introduces us to the magical world of Athia, a corrupted land that protagonist Frey Holland (voiced by Charlie’s Angels’ Ella Balinska) is destined to save. With her sentient bracelet Cuff, Freya must travel across the four regions of Athia to face its tyrannical leaders, the Tantas. Only then can she return to her life in New York City.

Forspoken also shows us some eye-popping visuals and environments. Check out the official gameplay trailer from The Game Awards.



Magical mystery ride

There will be plenty of open-world games launching this year, including huge names like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West. But Forspoken sets itself apart in that Frey seems completely reliant on magic. Against single-player RPG conventions, she has no weapons or armor, not even a bow. But she can call down fire, create ice spikes from water, and vault through the air in a kind of magical parkour.

By eschewing martial weapons, it seems that Forspoken will delve into a deep and complex magical system where players focus on gaining spells and using them strategically. For example, Freya can access spells like Prime, which creates an explosive floor trap that triggers once stepped on by an enemy. Another spell, Disperse, causes plants to grow on a spot and act like turrets, attacking enemies who are within range. All these abilities require some clever strategic thinking to use effectively, so combat in Forspoken won’t be a button-mashing contest.

We’re also curious to see how she would handle instances where she can’t use spells, say in an anti-magic field, or if she is thrown back to her home dimension in New York City. Sometimes, being deprived of your abilities for a brief period can make compelling moments in gameplay through an unexpected challenge.


When does Forspoken come out?

Forspoken will release on May 24, 2022 for the PC and PS5. Pick up a Forspoken PC key or PS5 key for the best prices today.

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