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Forspoken goes deep into its magic combat mechanics

Forspoken goes deep into its magic combat mechanics

With Forspoken releasing early next year, developer Luminous Productions has been releasing a few behind-the-scenes videos on how magic is used in their game. 

The first and most widely covered is the use of magical parkour to travel through the fantasy land of Athia. This lets her quickly travel from one place to another, or escape from the numerous corrupted enemies she may encounter.

The developers also shared more information regarding magical combat in Athia. Frey begins with basic spells based on elements and can upgrade these by collecting Mana. Purple magic, which is based on the Earth element, allows her to attack with Shot, which can be used in a number of ways. Burst shot lets her fire exploding shards of rocks, while Shield Shot lets her defend herself using a rock barrier. Purple magic can also provide some support functions that debilitate enemies so you can set up combos. As she progresses, Frey can also unlock higher-level spells, such as Tendril, which heals depending on the amount of damage she deals. Once she unlocks the fire-based Red magic, allows Frey to do rapid melee attacks with fiery weapons, as shown below. Later on, Frey will acquire Blue and Green magic as well, giving her more choices on how to deal with enemies.



Luminous Productions will discuss quests and challenges in their next video. 

Forspoken follows Frey, a troubled young woman from New York who finds herself playing the unlikely savior of the world of Athia from the corruption of The Break. Her one companion is a wise-cracking sentient magic bracer called Cuff, who advises her through her journey and acts as her partner in combat.

Originally set to launch in October this year, Forspoken will instead launch on January 24, 2022, for the PS5 and the PC. Get ready to discover the magic of this gorgeous game. Pre-purchase a Forspoken PS5 key from our comparator today. 


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