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Forspoken details it's magic-based parkour

Forspoken details it's magic-based parkour

Despite some delays, Forspoken has positioned itself as one of the most eagerly awaited releases for PlayStation 5. It's been a while since the game was announced and Frey Holland's epic journey into a mysterious and unexplored world has raised a lot of questions. The footage revealed so far shows a sprawling universe to be discovered and a woman capable of wielding spectacular magic powers thanks to the aid of her sentient bracelet. But Frey can do more than fling spells at her enemies in exciting combats in Forspoken.

Parkour and magic

Exploration is one of the key elements of the gameplay in Forspoken, and it can be as thrilling as any combat thanks to the magic that Frey can use to perform unique parkour movements to navigate the world. Sony has gone into detail to show her magic movement capabilities in a post on the PlayStation Blog. Frey can use her magic power to propel herself in different ways. 

Her basic movement ability is "Flow" which allows her to run gracefully and fast. With her "Rush" ability, she can accelerate to a stunning speed for a short time, leaving a trail of flames behind. But Frey can do more than just run. Her "Scale" ability lets her create phantom footholds to launch herself in the air, and "Soar" lets her do multiple leaps in succession. She can also conjure a magic tether as a grappling hook that will pull her towards whatever is attached. Her "Float" and "Glide" abilities are used to soften any fall and skim across the surface of water respectively. By combining all those and keeping an eye on her stamina, Frey will be able to discover all the secrets of the huge and beautiful world where she has accidentally ended.


The release of Forspoken is scheduled for January 24 next year, and you can visit our comparator to get your Forspoken PS5 key at the best price anytime. The game will also launch on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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