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Mojang lays out big plans for Minecraft Dungeons

Mojang lays out big plans for Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft creator Mojang seems to be quite interested in expanding Minecraft Dungeons' content and making it more than just a spin-off where the fans of all things Minecraft can spend some time adventuring. Minecon Live took place this weekend, and it was the perfect opportunity to announce the changes coming to Minecraft Dungeons. Mojang has revealed that the game is getting Seasonal Adventures rewards that players can get for free just by playing Minecraft Dungeons.

Mojang also will launch an Adventure Pass for Minecraft Dungeons. This is a battle pass that will give the players access to premium rewards from the Seasonal Adventures. These rewards include emeralds, gold, new skins, pets, and more, and you will be able to unlock them by collecting Adventure Points by playing the game. Mojang is adding a new area to Minecraft Dungeons too. The Tower is a new location accessible via your camp. It will feature a set number of floors that you can try to climb by defeating enemies and solving puzzles. You will get Adventure Points as a reward for completing the different levels in The Tower, and its content will change every couple of weeks. An interesting fact about the new feature is that you will be able to buy items from previous seasons, no matter which one is currently on course.



Minecraft Dungeons players already have access to several DLCs that expand the game with new scenarios, monsters, and challenges, namely Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths, and Echoing Void. Mojang has not specified if they are bringing more of these onto the table anytime soon, but it's likely to happen. It may take a bit longer than expected if they are focused on Seasonal Adventures. Meanwhile, you can find the best price to buy Minecraft Dungeons cheap and plenty of other game deals on our comparator.

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