Minecraft Dungeons' second DLC Creeping Winter is coming in September

Minecraft Dungeons' second DLC Creeping Winter is coming in September

Minecraft Dungeons has become one os the most successful games of the year. Although it's not a big surprise if we take into account the huge amount of fans that the Minecraft license has, it is still an accomplishment and proves the potential of the franchise. It's not strange then, that the first Minecraft Dungeons' DLC, Jungle Awakens, received such a warm welcome from the players who were eager to get their hands on a new adventure full of puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat. It's expected that the same will happen with the second DLC, Creeping Winter, that will take you to a completely different scenario.



Minecraft Dungeons: Creeping Winter DLC will challenge players with new enemies and missions, this time frost-themed. Although there is no footage of its contents available yet, Mojang has confirmed that this new expansion for Minecraft Dungeons is coming on September 8. Along with these new threats, players can expect to find a lot of new weapons, armor, and artifacts. You can purchase the DLC separately but it's also included in Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition, which also includes Jungle Awakens DLC.

But Creeping Winter is not the only surprise that the developers ofMinecraft Dungeons have prepared for us. A free update will also be released on September 8. It will add new features available to all players to the game, including two new vendors, a blacksmith and a "gift wrapper". the second is a notable addition since it will allow the exchange of items between players. The second free novelty coming with this patch comes in the form of Daily Trials. These are new missions "that make wild changes to the game mechanics which provide difficult, experimental, or fun challenges for you to overcome."



We don't know yet if Minecraft Dungeons will be getting more expansions in the future, but it's quite likely to happen if the game continues to be so popular. Make sure of visiting our comparator if you are planning to give it a try and you will find Minecraft Dungeons at the best price.


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