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Minecraft Dungeons will receive its first DLC this summer

Minecraft Dungeons will receive its first DLC this summer

Minecraft has demonstrated that there are more important things in video games than having beautiful graphics and with its unique style it has managed to gather an incredibly huge fan base that has turned it into one of the most widely played games all over the world. It's no surprise then, that although Minecraft Dungeons doesn't share at all the gameplay uniqueness of Minecraft, it has become quite popular since it was released a few days ago. Minecraft Dungeons abandons all building and creation mechanics to focus on action and dungeon crawling. It delivers a good dose of fun to all those willing to leave aside any concerns about its graphic style and simple gameplay. Developer Mojang is willing to expand the contents it offers and the first DLC for Minecraft Dungeons has already been announced.



Jungle Awakens is coming in July and it will take you to a new territory covered in dense jungle to fight against a mysterious power. The DLC will add three new missions for you to complete as you explore the new lands and find the secrets that hide in an unexplored jungle. You will have to face new types of enemies like the Leapleaf, the Jungle Zombie, and the Poison Quillvine, but you will also have new weapons, armor, and artifacts at hand to face these threats. 

Jungle Awakens is included in the Hero Pass for Minecraft Dungeons and Mojang has not disclosed yet if you will be able to buy the DLC separately. If you like the game getting the Hero Pass may be a better option because a second DLC with the name of Creeping Winter has also announced and it is included in the Pass too. Creeping Winter will get you to explore some frozen peaks and it will be released later this year.

Mojang is also working on adding cross-play functionality and other free content to Minecraft Dungeons and we will have more news about these in the following weeks.

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