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Minecraft makes some of its educational content available for free

Minecraft makes some of its educational content available for free

Since it was released ten years ago, Minecraft has grown to be one of the most popular video game licenses. The game has even surpassed the milestone of 170 million copies sold worldwide, raising it to the rank of the best-selling game of all time, even surpassing the unbeatable Tetris, which occupied the first step of the ranking for many years.

Minecraft has become much more than a video game, it's a real phenomenon. Many versions and variations of the game have been published and some are on the way, including the upcoming Minecraft: Dungeons, which will be quite different from the sandbox game that everyone knows. But there also some spin-offs, such as a LEGO Minecraft collection.

Minecraft has made it even more relevant by inviting itself into schools. In 2016, a specific version, Minecraft: Education Edition, was launched, offering educational and fun content that can be used by teachers in schools. This version of Minecraft offers a host of maps on different subjects such as history, math, and even learning coding.


And precisely, in this period of confinement, with many parents having to babysit and do school at home, Phill Spencer has announced that some of the educational content of Minecraft: Education Edition is currently available for free. There are several contents available, such as a visit to the international space station, or the discovery of the anatomy and functioning of the human eye. All of this content is available to everyone free of charge until June 30, and you can download it at this address.

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