Minecraft Dungeons: new DLC and update coming soon

Minecraft Dungeons: new DLC and update coming soon

Minecraft Dungeons is very different from the original game created in 2011 by Mojang, but it has managed to win over players. This installment, far from being a sequel to Minecraft, offers a gaming experience that is the antithesis of the sandbox game. Although the universe and the cubic graphics characteristic of the license are in the game, in terms of gameplay Minecraft Dungeons belongs more to the world of dungeon crawlers and action RPGs. Minecraft Dungeons has already received four DLC since it was released: Creeping Winter, Jungle Awakens, Howling Peaks, and Flames of the Nether

To celebrate its first anniversary, Minecraft Dungeons will get a new DLC and a free update, both of which will be released on the same date, May 26, just one year after the official release of the game. The DLC has been teased a few days ago via Twitter on the game's official account, but we now know a few more things, including its name: Hidden Depths.



As the name suggests, Hidden Depths will focus on underwater content, taking us straight to the bottom of the ocean to fight against corruption.

The new Hidden Depths DLC will also come with an update that will add other content to the game and will be available for free to all Minecraft Dungeons players. They will be treated to new enchantments and levels but also a new feature, Raid Captains, which are described by Mojang as follows:

Raid Captains are friendly tour guides that... wait, that’s not right. They’re super challenging new enemies that will change the way you play the game. That makes a lot more sense. Seek out Raid Captains where they lurk in the hidden corners of the world to add a new level of challenge (and new treasures) to your missions. 

It's hard to really grasp how Raid Captains will transform the gameplay experience in Minecraft Dungeons, but we'll know more about it soon enough as Hidden Depths and the update will be released in just a fortnight's time, on May 26th.

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